emily Emily Quartermaine (2003-2008) Beloved adopted daughter of wealthy dysfunctional Quartermaine family.
rebecca Rebecca Shaw (2009) An X-Ray Technician who is revealed to be Emily Quartermaine’s troubled twin sister.
taylor Taylor Walker (2011) Sister of long recurring character Nicole Walker
geotag Jackie Fletcher (2015) This film is a thriller in which Natalia plays a mom for the first time.
tainteddreams Liza Park (2014) Liza Park is an actress who plays Ashley Black in TAINTED DREAMS soap within the soap, “PAINTED DREAMS.”
roughhustle Allie (2014) 4 guys come up with a plan against Las Vegas Casinos.
westofbrooklyn Matty Jensen (2008) A beautiful rich girl from Beverly Hills.
popstar Mary Brighton (2005) Mary is big sister to the lead character.
hiredhelp Interpreter Indie Film
bigfat Interpreter Indie Film
Executive Producer
neworleams Documentary (2012) PBS documentary. The Man Who Ate New Orleans.A pastor’s historic quest to rebuild and reunite the people of  New Orleans through food and music.