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sonnybrendaI began watching the drama General Hospital as a young child. My babysitter watched the show, and even as a child I loved stories about love. I was fascinated by watching the actors expressing the fragile and deep emotions involved in human relationships. I was particularly captivated by two eras of General Hospital history. The complicated and mesmerizing story between mobster Sonny Corinthos & vulnerable beauty Brenda Barrett. I didn’t realize it when I was young, but the reason why audiences resonate with characters they can watch evolve daily, is because in another sense, we can see aspects of ourselves  reflected back. Beyond any crazy plot twists, it is the actors and characters that remind us of ourselves.  The desire to experience love, and the mess that occurs when we unintentionally make something outside ourselves responsible for our happiness.   We lose our true selves if we can’t be authentic.   Sonny and Brenda had all those layers and then some, in their profound story.   To this day, that time in GH history has a place in my heart.

I really didn’t expect to be touched again by another actress or story. I enjoyed the younger version of Emily Quartermaine just fine, but I wasn’t captivated by Emily until General Hospital decided to age the character.  Natalia’s energy and integrity just really  moved me.  My interests have changed, and many of the actors I loved growing up, are no longer a part of the cast.  I haven’t kept up with General Hospital for years.  But, I have kept the storylines of my favorite eras.

Why Create A Website?

whynataliaIn 2003 Natalia Livingston was cast in the role of Emily. I was immediately drawn into Natalia’s performance. I could feel how she genuinely poured her heart and soul into bringing Emily to life. She was willing to learn everything she could, despite being new, and feeling like she had big shoes to fill. She was willing to be vulnerable, and she brought a part of her beautiful generous spirit into “Emily” as a young woman. My friend and I launched Natalia-livingston.com in 2003, and ran it together for 5 years. During that time, I was fortunate to meet Natalia several times. She was always so generous, kind and deeply touched by charity work and other projects we had organized (such as the collaborative effort to sponsor a child in her honour). She never made anyone feel as though she was the “actress” and “we”  the people were “the public,” quite the opposite.  Natalia appreciates everything and everyone to cross her path.  There is no pretense whatsoever with her.  She truly leaves her heart with you.   She makes sure that people know, when they have touched her. This was the case each and every time I was blessed to have the chance to speak with her.  I live my life the same way which is why I resonate with her.  I felt the world deserved to know of her and her contributions.


I am not affiliated with Natalia’s  management in any official capacity. This website simply exists to  honour her genuine giving spirit, as a beautiful light in the world.  It is a tribute to her professional body of work as an actress and producer. I felt Natalia’s work should be archived and celebrated for others to discover and enjoy!  I have only begun to scratch the surface in terms  content.  Be sure to check back for updates.  Image copyright belongs to ABC Television, Berry King, and other photographers (including myself)  No copyright infringement is intended. Anyone who wishes contact me here to be credited for photography.  I hope you enjoy.  Thank you for stopping by.

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